Festival Info

Information and Regulations

Yeah yeah we know you hate rules and regulations but they are not pout up just to spite you, we have them for your security an well being and without them we wouldn’t be able to conduct this festival. Please respect this!

Rules in General

  • No glass bottles
  • No weapons
  • No sexism, rascism or homophobia
  • No dogs or other animals are allowed to the campsite or the festival area. It is a stressful environment and hurtful for the animals.
  • You have to be at least 13 years old to visit the festival due to the high decibel levels.


In order to be able to arrange this festival we are obligated to cooperate with the police and authorised security guards. Therefor there ail be guards in and around the festival area. Their decisions are nothing we have a say in, and we fully support them in their work. We ask you kindly to respect this!
In addition to these there will be healthcare and fils workers stations at the info point at the campsite and at the backstage area.

Getting to the festival

Alafors is situated 30km north of Gothenburg along the E45. The closest bus stop is Äskekärr(Ale)

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If you´re coming to Punk Illegal with plane get your self to Gothenburg central station and take the train from there to the festival.


For those that don’t care about money its possible to take a cab for approximately 500 SEK from Gothenburg City to the festival.

Train and Busses:

Use this Route Planner to book your trip or by a ticket to Äskekärr(Ale) at the central station. The trip cost 45 SEK and takes between 40 and 50 minutes.


(Take the community train from Gothenburg with direction Älvängen, get of at Nödinge Station. In Nödinge take the bus nr 411 with direction Älvängen and get of at Äskekärr(Ale). You are now at walking distance from the festival!)

Camping Area

The camping area is divided into blocks with fire streets. Camping is only allowed within the block, if your tent is on the streets it will be removed. There is an info point on the camping area, where you can buy breakfast and get trash bags so you can clean up after yourself when you leave on Sunday…please!
Everything you leave behind cost us a lot to take care of, bring back home what you can and put the rest in the trash bags! How had can it be?
The camping area closes at 13.00 on Sunday. Be on your way home then or you and your stuff will end up in a dumpster.

And, please…

Please do not shoplift from the stores in Alafors, and please treat the people with respect so that we are welcome back next year.
Keep in mind that all destruction, graffiti etc at the festival area will be on our expense and will lead to less money to the refugees.

We have the ambition that everybody should enjoy, fell safe and included at all out events. But this is work we cannot do ourselves and we hope that you, as a participant, will help out. It is everybody’s responsibility to support each other and create a great festival.

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