Bands 2014


Last gig ever of this classic swedish kängpunk deluxe! They have been D-beating since the early 80´s, so don´t you dare miss it!


Punk rock from Stockholm, melodic yet aggressive and fast. Besserbitch has existed since 2008 and just released their debut LP “Moments of Grey” as a follow up on their two earlier EP’s.

Deaf Kids (Brazil)

Catchy riffs, d-beat and reverb can get you a long way, and Deaf Kids has come all the way from Brazil with this sound to wreak havoc on European ears.>


Swedish hardcore, 80-style with members of Totalitär and Makabert Fynd.

Doom (UK)

Crust-punk legends thats been around for over a quarter-century!

Extinction of Mankind from (UK)

We are very happy to announce that Extinction of mankind are once again playing in Sweden at Punk Illegal!

They are known for the heavy crust D-beatsound that we love so much. Don’t miss them!

Exilent (Germany)

After last years stunning preformence are we happy to welcome Exilent back with their d-beat overkill from Hannover.

Jan Hammarlund

Jan has been active since the early seventies and was a hbt activist in a time when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in Sweden. Were proud to welcome this legendary singer/songwriter and political activist to Punk Illegal for a second time!

Kontatto (Italy)

Italian d-beat punk since 1998; crust, old school d-beat and raw punk in a ferocious mix


The ravens from the dirty south of sweden joins us in the battle against the state politics in the tunes of häxxkäng. Don´t miss this awesome DIY-crust!


Gothenburgs best Rock’n'roll band has been around for fifteen years and have played numerous of support gigs for Punk Illegal. A must see!


Fast, thrashy D-beat-crust from Norrland. Sounds like a Swedish version of Sacrilege!



Where happy to welcome this energetic old-style streetpunk trio back to Punk Illegal after six years!


HC/Punk from Tranås, Sweden. Recently celebrate 30 years as a band. You will remembers songs like Kaffe, kaffe and Strålskadad forever.

Sect (Spain)

Punk band from Barcelona formed in 2011 influenced by 80′s Punk and UK anarchopunk.


The Fight (Poland)

Watch out for this awsome ragin and frantic political DIY hardcoreband from Poland. Their liveshow will totally blow your minds.


Terveet Kädet (Fin)

Legendary hardcore punk. Among the first punk bands from Finland formed in 1980


Started in the early 80´s and they were among the bands who started Gothenburg’s first punk wave

Renegades of Punk (Brazil)

Brazilian punk rock trio with a lot of attitude, fast riffs and one minute songs!

Restarts (UK)

Where happy to welcome this energetic old-style streetpunk trio back to Punk Illegal after six years!

Vånna Inget

Melancholic postpunk from Malmö Sweden


More bands to come!

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