No one is illegal (Sweden)

The network No one is illegal acknowledges no national borders, except as a political idea, in which we have no moral obligation or interest in accepting or upholding. A person born in one place has no greater rights to it than anyone else. This must not end as a vision, but must be practised. We do not recognize the rights of states, orginisations or individuals to limit peoples movement across borders or label this ”illegal” migration.

To us the right to free movement is inseparable from the right to take part in the social life under equal conditions. Until national borders are erased, we work towards giving all people inside a states borders the same social, political and economic rights and obligations. We oppose all political attempts to use immigration and migration as a weapon to undermine salary levels and social safety net inside a states borders, for example: recently immigrants were forced to work in the country under worse conditions than the rest of the population.

We want everyone to have the rights and responsibilities to actively participate in building a fair society. Democracy and radical change can only be built from the ground up. Therefore we organize autonomously and strive within the network to stay away from heirachy, as well as making decisions and acting without representation. We see ourselves as one part in a global fight that has been and is fought for freedom, solidarity and equality – against all forms of oppression.

The network No one is illegal is, in the time being, fighting this struggle through:

Directly supporting people who are applying for residence pemits, or who are forced to live hidden because of the swedish migration policy. Working for amnesty and perminant residency for all people that live here and want to stay here.

Fighting for peoples rights to come and stay inside the EU. To change the policies that systematically keep people out.

Spreading information about what Swedish and European migration policies really look like. Focus on the walls that has been built on EU’s outer borders to shut out refugees and other migrants. To tell refugees and other migrants stories. Punch a hole in the myth of the humane migration policies.

Convey political explanations to the question why people are forced to flee. Take the initiative to a deeper discussion about migration issues, sprouting from a vision of global solidarity. Show that these questions cannot be separated from discussions about world ecomony, working and living conditions, injustice, racism and oppression.

Work together with other groups that fight for refugees and other migrants rights as well as opening borders worldwide.

If you would like to help us financially or in any other way, feel free to contact us through or at

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