What is Punk Illegal?


Punk Illegal is an autonomous group in the religiously- and politically independent network No One is Illegal (Ingen människa är illegal, IMäI, in Swedish). The No One is Illegal Network is voluntarily run and works to provide practical support to people who are forced to live illegally after having their applications for asylum refused.

No One is Illegal demand permanent right of residence for all people who have arrived in the EU and wish to remain. No One is Illegal believe in a world without borders, a world where No One is Illegal.

Punk Illegals strategy is to raise money directly to IMäIs work with helping refugees. We also distribute information to raise awareness about the racist migration politics of the EU.

Punk Illegal History

Politics has always been a common platform in punk, and a natural arena to promote a message and to show your disapproval. A loose-knit group of people saw the ability to spread IMäI’s message and to re-awaken the interest in politics in the punk scene. That’s how it´s all got started.
In 2005 we organized the first benefit gigs for IMäI in Gothenburg and we also organized two bigger one-day festivals at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg (2006 and 2007).

But we felt that we wanted to go bigger, therefore we organized a two-day festival in Munkedal during the summer of 2008.

After the success in 2008, we decided to return in 2009 to Folkets Park in Munkedal for a second edition of the Punk Illegal Fest. This time around, Punk Illegal had grown and more people found their way to the festival which, in the end, resulted in more money to IMäI as well as a well needed boost to continue the work with the most important DIY hardcore punk festival in Sweden.

The 2010 edition was in many ways hard to perform, since we were fewer people involved this year. But because of how dedicated we all are to this cause we came through. And we know, from all the great feedback we got from bands and visitors, that we did a good job!
The festival 2010 generated, apart from great shows and experiences for bands, volunteers and visitors, 150.000 kr (ca. 15.000 EUR) for No One Is Illegal in Gothenburg. We are happy to see that this festival can be such a benefit. Big thanks to everyone who helped out in any way!

We intend to carry on whit our support gigs and keep the festival as an annual event

Our work with the festival

Punk Illegal consists of smaller groups, each with their own area of interest such as economy, booking bands, planning food, sound and light for the stages, etc. Delegates from these groups meet regularly to coordinate the work which results in the festival. All our work is done in the spirit of DIY ethics.

We have an ambition that everybody should enjoy, feel safe and included at all our events. We will try to do what we can to make our events accessible for everyone irrespective of sexuality, sex, ethnicity, functionality, class etc. But this is a work we cannot do ourselves and we hope that you as a participant will help out! Together we have to pay attention to the oppressive structures and actively strive to dismantle them. It’s everybody’s responsibility to support each other and make a great event!

Thanks everyone for supporting the work to improve the conditions for hidden refugees, it’s very appreciated.

Manifesto No one is illegal (Sweden)

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