Tickets released

The tickets are now released! A two day ticket costs 470 SEK (52 Euro) and are available online through Tickster. We have a limited amount of 1000 tickets for sale this year, so be sure to get one in time!

You who buy your ticket during the first month of the ticket sales (until the February 28) is automatically entered in our great “purchase your tickets early” contest!

The fabulous prices are:
1: 1 free ticket to the festival! One 1 Punk illegal DVD and T-shirt.
2: One 1 Punk illegal DVD and T-shirt.
3: One 1 Punk illegal DVD and T-shirt.
4-10: One 1 Punk illegal DVD and T-shirt.

And that’s not all!! We have even more great stuff…that we have not decided how to divide yet:
Vegania cookbook
Schizo Fanzine
Cow Mag Fanzine
Schweden Punk Kassett
Orchard of the living T-shirt + CD
The Washingtonians CD
Milvains CD
Freedumb CD
Niestroy 7″
Slaktrens 7″
Tinner / Slapendehonden 7″
Proletar / Diorrhea 7″

Cred and love: The Washingtoinians, Orchard of the living, Milvains, Niestroy, Freedumb,  Schizo Distro & Fanzine, Vegania and Up Yours Records.

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